Frequently asked questions

Commonly asked questions about jet washing in Liverpool

How harmful are your cleaning agents in my garden?

Driveway Cleaners Liverpool pride themselves in environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. We abstain from using toxic cleaning agents while working near your plants.

How long does Driveway Cleaners Liverpool take to jet wash a garden deck?

Different cleaning tasks take different amounts of time to clean. The size of the area that needs cleaning determines the duration required for cleaning.

How fast can I get a commercial Deck cleaning quotation?

Immediately after you, we make available a well-written and non-chargeable quotation within 24 hours.

Do you clean oil-stained decks in Liverpool?

Yes, we do. We have ultra-modern commercial deck cleaning equipment. Not to mention our thoroughly trained field personnel.

How expensive is a gutter/driveway cleaning service?

We have fixed prices and, therefore, negotiable. Just like duration, the price of a particular cleaning task is dependant on the area size. We conduct a brief area survey to determine how big or small the area is.

How frequently is your service team trained?

Driveway Cleaners Liverpool prides itself on regular training of its staff. We expose our crewmen to occasional training to ensure that they are well-versed in the latest cleaning techniques and cleaning solutions.

Should I be worried about my electricity bill after a cleaning job has been done?

No, you shouldn’t. Our cleaning equipment is petrol-powered and therefore will not require to use electricity. However, while carrying out a cleaning task, our service team may request to use available water sources.

Can Driveway Cleaners Liverpool get rid of graffiti?

No problem, offensive graffiti can be removed from your property within 24 hours- depending on how extensive it is.

Do you do both small-scale jet washing cleaning services in Liverpool?

Unfortunately, not. Driveway Cleaners Liverpool are more large-scale jet cleaners than small-scale.