Wooden Decks Cleaning Liverpool

Wood Decking Cleaning Service Liverpool

Wooden decking needs regular cleaning and care to keep it looking proper and safe. Failure to do these will make it dull and slippery in damp conditions due to culprits like moss and algae that grow on the wood.

For effective maintenance and revival of your wooden decking, we at Driveway Cleaners Liverpool possess the best equipment that helps in producing amazing results on all the structures. At the end of our cleaning or refurbishment activities, every part will be as good as new!

We use a pressure washer that is operated by our hardworking employees whose expertise in the field is unmatched. They know the right distance to choose between the spray nozzle and your deck to ensure that the high-pressure does not damage the wood.

Aside from spraying every part of the deck to remove any twigs, leaves or grass, we apply liquid dish soap and scrub with a stiff-bristled brush or sponge before rinsing with clean water.

Once the deck is dry, the cleaners will apply concentrated disinfectants to prevent mould and algae re-growth or accumulation soon. The treatment will also get rid of stubborn stains and leave the area cleaner than ever.

Using the right seals and correct sealing procedures ensure that we give your deck a perfect reseal to make sure that it is spotless.

Our services will prevent you from incurring unnecessary costs by getting your deck replaced just because the appearance of the wood has diminished. The sealers and other cosmetics applied to enhance the wood colour and prevent the damp climate here in sunny Liverpool from doing more harm that will make the deck look tired.

When you seek our services by calling us on 0151 448 1797, you will be amazed by our quick response and affordability. Your neighbours will envy you when they witness the transformation and beauty of your deck once we finish the job.